Child Car Seats

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Choosing & Using

Car seat fitting

There are very many different types of child car seats available, so take your time when choosing. Visit shops and look around on websites to get a good idea of what seats are available and which ones are likely to be the most suitable for your child and your car.

It is best to take your child and your car with you when choosing your child car seat, and to find a retailer who has staff trained in choosing and fitting child car seats. Try to find a retailer who will help you try the seat in your car before you buy it.

In summary, the child car seat you choose, must:

  • Conform to the United Nations standard, ECE Regulation 44.04 (or R 44.03) or to the new i-size regulation, R129. Look for the 'E' mark label on the seat.
  • Be suitable for your child's weight and size
  • Be correctly fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions. For more information on how to fit your child car seat, visit the Car Seat Fitting and Compatibility page.

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